The Mix&Match System

MOD&ULAR is a modular, customizable system, which differs from other artistic genres in being in fact reconfigurable. It is designed to harmonize with the specific space in which it is to be placed.

What exactly is MOD&ULAR?

Color and style are an important part of individual taste. Personal preferences and living environment change over time, which also impacts the demanding criteria for decorative art.
MOD&ULAR is a responsive, customizable and user friendly system, which lets the user create different combinations. Designed to harmonize with the specific place in which it is to be placed you can mix, matchand reconfigurate MOD&ULAR as you like - this system grows and changes with your needs.

This is MOD: unique motive pieces, handmade, which are produced only once in this arrangement. Mixed media on wooden panels covered w/ a high protective film. 

This is ULAR: an open edition of uni pieces, handmade, which are made to oreder and with no limit on how many will be produced. Acrylic paint on wooden panels covered with a high protective film.

What are the benefits of MOD&ULAR?

The beauty of the MOD&ULAR system is that you can:


   - Collect single modules. Start with single pieces and add  further components later.


   - Replace or add any one component w/o affecting the rest of the system.


   - Reconfigurate, change the arrangement of your modules, split the system into several pieces.


   - Update your MOD&ULAR system to match your new favourite colors with adding new MOD color accents.


How does the MOD&ULAR system work?

MOD&ULAR are separate components, 20cm X 20cm X 3cm wooden panels, which can easily be mounted through a special non- destructive clip system. It is easy to re-arrange the chosen order, split the module into several smaller modules or add/exchange new pieces.

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